1023 Juniper St Lofts – Midtown


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My Opinion on 1023 Juniper Lofts

If you want Midtown, authentic and walkable, 1023 Juniper is your loft building. Midtown tends to have more “soft loft” or contemporary feel loft buildings, so this is definitely a great building for true loft authenticity. Not many units for sale at 1023 Juniper, so that only helps your resale. There are some nice 2 story lofts here, which is rare for Midtown, Atlanta. Square footage is larger than some other lofts in Midtown, but is smaller than other surrounding areas. HOA fees are around $290 for a 240K loft. Taxes are around $4200 per year for the same loft. Overall, a good rating from me for 1023 Juniper Lofts.