15 Waddell Lofts

15 Waddell Lofts are a more “soft loft” contemporary loft. Smaller loft building. Garage parking. Gas stove / range. Walking distance to restaurants and retail. Authentic features such as exposed ductwork. Updated kitchens and hardwoods.

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My Opinion on 15 Waddell

15 Waddell are nice lofts. If you are a loft owner that is looking for the in between on authentic and contemporary, this is a great loft for you to purchase in Atlanta. From my experience as a loft specialist, you either love these or hate 15 Waddell Lofts. Not a ton of amenities, but a great area. Some of the 1 bedrooms units also have 2 parking spaces. HOA fees are $200 per month for 150K loft. Taxes at 15 Waddell are $2400 per year.